callingI find it difficult to really understand what constitutes a call.  The phrase gets tossed around quite a bit.  And I have heard many tell about their individual experiences.  Some go through a long process.  Some run away from the process.  Some have a “burning bush” moment.  I once witnessed a friend “catapulted” into ministry rather than a gentle call.

Me – Miracles still happen.  I have experienced God’s direct healing in my life. Where do you go from there?

Dreams have great meaning in the Bible and in personal life.  There are many opinions about using and interpreting dreams.  I do know this, dreams never lie.  Though meaning is often hidden in symbols we avoid understanding, those dreams are always honest.

My “burning bush” moment came in a dream.  God gave Solomon the choice of whatever he wanted.  Solomon chose wisdom.  My intense dream choice gave me two options.  The first was the enlightenment so often promoted as our ultimate objective  The second was compassion.

I chose compassion.  I have a long way to go in manifesting compassion in every part of my life and every interaction of my daily life.   I don’t really know if that constitutes a life calling or how such a thing works. But compassion serves as a guide and constant prayer in my life travels.

Somehow, here I am.